Invitation Questionnaire

Please fill this questionnaire out to the best of your ability, so I can better understand the vision you are wanting to accomplish.

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When are you wanting to send out the invitations? *
When are you wanting to send out the invitations?
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Which printing method/paper type are you interested in? *
Check all that apply. Please note, this is the order of pricing from lowest to highest for print/paper: Flat Printing (Digital - perfect to capture deep, vibrant colors) Double Thick Flat Printing (Same as flat printing, but the paper type is twice as thick, adding a luxurious feel to your suite) Foil Printing (A luxurious, classic print method. Foil sheets are pressed into paper, providing a true metallic shine to your suite. Your entire suite can be foil stamped, or we can combine color design elements with foil calligraphy and details) Letterpress Printing (A beautiful classic option, where the ink is pressed into paper. Your entire suite can be done in letterpress, or we can combine digital elements with letterpress calligraphy)
If there are event details you would like me to help out with (lettered signage, chalkboard designs, etc.), please specify what you are looking for here.